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Welcome to Gateway Careers

We are an established charitable organisation that provides a range of services to vulnerable adults across Highland communities. Services include Community Outreach Support, Care at Home, and Supported Living for individuals living with a Learning Disability, Autism, and or Mental Ill Health with housing needs.

By joining our team, you will find your time rewarding, enjoyable & productive but most of all you will have a positive input into the lives of the people to whom we provide services too.

We currently have the following exciting career opportunities.

What does it feel like to work at gateway?

People at all levels in Gateway feel a strong commitment to the organisation and its clients. They also feel a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for their decisions and they impact on and affect performance at a range of levels in the organisation.

Gateway staff member,

We are committed to empowering the individual and supporting self-determination by promoting informed choice. We actively support and promote full integration within the community and an important part of your job will be to facilitate this process. It’s not easy and can be challenging, but it is a most rewarding experience to support those we work with. We take pride in our extensive training programme and our commitment to equipping all our support staff with the essential skills to carry out their role.

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